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Frequently Asked Questions:



1: What does a side loading mean?

2: What is a log store?

An opening in the side of the stove that allows you to load longer logs into the stove.

A log store is a space to give a final dry to seasoned logs prior to burning.

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3: What is a fire rope?

Fire rope is a heat-resistant is rope that goes hand in hand with fire cement. This can be used in conjuncture with fire cement to help fill larger gaps.

4: What is a double-sided stove?

Double-sided stoves are stoves with doors both front and back. This was designed to be viewed from both sides and can be a centrepiece to your room.

5: What is airwash and how does it work?

Airwash is a system that blows are from the top front of the stove. This keeps the glass clear of smoke and soot, and provides an air supply for secondary burning. Which in turn gives a great view of the flames and more efficient use of the fuel.

6: What is a back boiler?

A back boiler is a boiler placed as the back of the fire brick. This provides a hot water supply and reduces the direct room heating output of the stove.

7: How does overnight burning work?

Slowly controlled burning allows the fire to remain alight through the night and ready to be used in the morning.